Toh Ka Lin

About Us

Established in 1988, INVESTEC is a consultancy firm in identity, corporate communications and design management. For the past 27 years, we have been undertaking innovative conceptual design projects in a broad spectrum of industries to meet our clients’ marketing needs.

We work in partnership with our clients. Our efforts and expertise are utilized for the purpose of achieving beneficial results. From the evaluation, creation, and management of identity programs, brand identities and packaging to building environments, INVESTEC’s objectives are always to deliver design solutions that produce positive, tangible results.

We firmly believe that good design creates recognition, recognition builds confidence, and confidence sells.

Our Role is to transform a client’s “Business Strategy” into an “Identity Strategy”.

Our process is based on partnership, rigorous strategic thinking, creative conceptual design and disciplined project management.

Our Philosophy

INVESTEC’s design philosophy is simple and as diversified as the clients we serve. Our designs are diverse because individual client problems are multifaceted, as are business categories, marketing strategies, customer needs and perceptions and culture within which business operate.

Some of the projects represent solutions based on purely creativity and intuition. However, most of our projects demonstrate a formal interrelationship between the creative process and the careful development of competitive strategy and in-depth understanding of the client’s products and services.

Ultimately, our aim is not only to have a positive influence on the many esoteric aspects of a company’s business, but also to influence sales, profit and brand value.

Our Services

Corporate Identity

Communicating the essence of an organization

Brand Identity

Brand Identity as part of a coherent strategy


Infusing identity into literatures and print collaterals


Integrating identity into public environments, information graphics and signage systems